Last One!

So with Senior Year coming to an end I recently took my last field trip of my senior year. Because I'm in the Humanities Magnet I went on my Humanities field trip. (kinda redundant) Our trip was to Downtown L.A. First too the Geffen Contemporary. No pictures of the inside, it was boring either way.

I ran in the MASH video at the Moca Gift shop.
Bomb ass burrito. Only 6 bucks with a drink. You gotta love downtown for that.
Hit up Famima and bought this shit. Prob the best mango drink I've had in a while.As a ritual we took a group picture of all the kids in the Humanities Magnet. We took one in 9th grade when we went so we took another this time around. Kind of a before and after type thing.

Good bye Humanities Magnet.


Anwar. said...

"stand out like lime"

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