Keep Pushin'


Life seems to always throw hard balls at us, be it with economic struggles, relationship problems, or family problems. When we get hit hard we have to shake it off and try our best to keep it together. In the last 48 hours I have truly learned a lesson and I know everyday is a lesson but this is something that hit me hard it brought me to tears , I won't be afraid to admit that, but from the lessons we are taught to the lesson we still have to come we must keep pushin' forward together. Life is short, sometimes to short, sometimes you lose a close homie, sometimes you loose a close family member, and sometimes you loose someone that was only with you for a couple hours. When you loose someone you gotta pull your self together, you gotta be strong not only for yourself but for your family or friends because everyone hurts and people always need that person to make them strong. I know, I know this post its self seems a bit to "emotional" but its just the lessons that you learn everyday. Thank you for reading this and hopefully it'll help you take a better look at life. Also, thank you for those who have been there. I gotta keep pushin' for my family.

10-18-08 2:28 AM - 10-18-08 2:40 PM


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stay up